Out Of Breath

Out Of Breath

Sleep Apnea Film Out of Breath


The Film

Out of Breath will put sleep apnea squarely where it belongs – in the public eye and on the minds of health care professionals, so that the medical field will finally focus on giving one billion sleep apnea sufferers the up-to-date treatments they so urgently need. 

Why The Film

Sleep apnea is far too dangerous and widespread for the status quo to continue. Untreated, it leads to strokes, diabetes, heart failure and death. Out of Breath will help viewers identify with those who suffer from sleep apnea and begin to understand its impact on their own lives, and will motivate them to spread the word to friends and loved ones.

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Sleep Apnea Film

By supporting Out of Breath and joining our efforts, you can demonstrate your organization’s commitment to public health – and your desire to help raise awareness about this dangerous epidemic. Our film will be a powerful tool for engaging patients, health professionals and communities and inspiring better health outcomes. 

Sleep Apnea Film

“30% of the time I was not breathing, I was dying.”

– James Galleon, Houston, TX

Sleep Apnea Is Impacting Individuals On All Levels

Vision For Distribution

Sleep Apnea Film Vision For Distribution

Given our advisors’ eminence in the medical and dental fields and the filmmaker’s renown in the world of film and television, our release will reach a broad audience and achieve the greatest public awareness.

Meet the Team

GTN Out of Breath Sleep Apnea Film

GEORGE T. NIERENBERG is an acclaimed Director/Producer whose career has spanned the worlds of independent features, network, and cable television. Mr. Nierenberg’s Emmy nominated That Rhythm, Those Blues opened at the Telluride Film before airing on The American Experience. He has produced, directed and developed projects for CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, AMC, Bravo, Nickelodeon, Sony BMG and National Geographic Explorer. Nierenberg film’s Say Amen, Somebody and No Maps on My Taps are currently being re-released theatrically by Milestone Films. 

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