“My family was screaming! I’d fallen asleep while driving… again! For years, I had been misdiagnosed. I didn’t know what was making me tired all the time, affecting my work, my marriage … everything. It took me 25 years to find a cure. Why?”

Director and Producer – George T. Nierenberg

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Angela Charlton

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Juanita Moran


OUT OF BREATH is an evocative documentary from the visionary director George T. Nierenberg, known for his work that pierces the heart of human stories. This film delves into the lives of four individuals across the globe, grappling with the pervasive and often underestimated condition of sleep apnea. Through a lens of empathy and insight, OUT OF BREATH not only highlights the personal struggles and challenges faced by those with sleep apnea but also the broader societal impacts, including the strain on families and the dangers posed in professional settings. Supported by a team of leading experts in sleep medicine, the film provides a comprehensive look at the condition, treatments available, and the cutting-edge research underway. With its roots in real experiences, OUT OF BREATH serves as a catalyst for change, educating viewers on the seriousness of sleep apnea and the critical importance of treatment.


The mission of OUT OF BREATH is to illuminate the silent struggle of those living with sleep apnea, a condition that affects millions worldwide but remains largely underdiagnosed and misunderstood. Through compelling storytelling and expert insights, the film aims to raise public awareness, encourage empathy, and drive action towards better diagnosis, treatment, and support for sufferers. By showcasing the real-life impacts of sleep apnea on individuals and their loved ones, OUT OF BREATH seeks to advocate for more comprehensive care and a supportive community for those affected.



Our vision is for OUT OF BREATH to be a transformative force in the fight against sleep apnea, bridging gaps in understanding and fostering a more informed and compassionate society. We envision a future where sleep apnea is widely recognized, accurately diagnosed, and effectively treated, ensuring that no one has to suffer in silence.

Through our film festival screenings and Impact Campaign both festival releases and private viewings for paying companies, we aim to reach a diverse audience, sparking a global conversation about sleep apnea and its consequences. Our goal is to inspire viewers to take action, whether by seeking treatment, supporting loved ones, or contributing to research and advocacy efforts. OUT OF BREATH is more than a documentary; it’s a movement towards a world where the quality of life for those with sleep apnea is significantly improved.



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