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Sleep Apnea Film Out of Breath

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We are making a documentary about sleep apnea. In order to bring this disease to the forefront and raise awareness, we’re looking for individuals to feature in our film.

  • Do you, a friend, or loved one suffer from sleep apnea or snoring?
  • Are you a professional in the field?

If so, we’d like to hear your story to consider including it in the film. You can submit previously shot videos or new ones.

If this interests you or someone you know, enter your details below.

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    Give us as many details as you'd like—how long have you or one of your family members had sleep apnea/snoring, how has it impacted your life, your job, and the lives of your loved ones, etc. Then, tell us a brief history of your background (career, family, etc.).


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    You can submit your video to us by sharing it from Dropbox with our email, or paste a sharable link below. This link,, is a helpful guide on how to share your video.